Are Braces Better or Invisalign?

  • May, 3, 2016
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Metal braces and Invisalign are both popular options for straightening teeth, and both have unique benefits. Even as invisible orthodontics have become more common, metal orthodontics have remained important for several reasons. Here is a look at how these treatments compare to each other and what patients should consider as they choose between them.


Metal orthodontics beat invisible ones in terms of versatility. Clear orthodontics cannot correct certain bite problems, but metal orthodontics can address virtually all issues involving the teeth rather than the jaws.


Invisible orthodontics are easily superior to metal orthodontics as far as appearance is concerned. While clear aligners are hardly visible, metal brackets and wires can stand out to onlookers.


Clear aligners are more comfortable than metal brackets and wires. The aligners do not cause inner cheek abrasion, which can occur with metal orthodontics.

Treatment Time

Metal orthodontics commonly take about two years to correct the teeth. By contrast, clear orthodontics work in an average of 15 months.


The cost of metal orthodontics tends to be lower than that of invisible orthodontics. However, actual costs of both treatments depend on the number and types of bite irregularities involved.


Patients of all ages may be candidates for metal orthodontics. While clear aligners were once only available for adults and some older adolescents, a newer version of the treatment has made aligners an option for younger teens as well.

Understanding each of these orthodontic approaches is valuable for patients considering their options. For every patient, however, an exam is necessary to determine whether invisible or metal orthodontics will be possible. In some cases, patients may also require an additional treatment to resolve special orthodontic issues. Patients can schedule a consultation with our orthodontist to learn more about these treatments, their advantages and their candidacy requirements.