Cosmetic Dental Surprise

  • June, 14, 2016
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Do you ever wonder if you’re in need of Cosmetic Dentistry? At Agoura Dental Group, we use the latest technology to show our patients what Cosmetic Dentistry can do for them. A recent patient thought she was in no need of complete dental work, even after multiple X-rays and check-ups with her hygienist. This patient assumed her teeth were in top condition, until our doctor took a deeper look, revealing cavities between nearly every tooth. The patient was unpleasantly surprised, but all her cavities were quickly taken care of. After her visit, this patient will now keep in mind the importance of flossing every day! It’s always easy to take a minute to floss, whether on summer vacation or on a work schedule. If you’re in need of floss, anyone can quickly stop by the Agoura Dental Group office to grab a flossing container. Even if you think your teeth are in great condition, you might be surprised after a visit to Agoura Dental! Check out these pictures to see the Doctor’s point of view.