Cosmetic Reconstruction

  • June, 21, 2016
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Check out another dental miracle preformed by Dr. Choroomi at the Agoura Dental Group. This patient came to us with trauma to her upper teeth. The result was a beautiful, natural looking and feeling upper bridge reconstruction that Dr. Choroomi provided at a reasonable and convenient cost. Not only did Dr. Choroomi fix the damaged teeth, but he also cosmetically reconstructed the surrounding teeth to create a more symmetrical and bold smile. This patient left our Agoura Hills practice with a clean, white, and shiny smile to show off. If you are in need of cosmetic reconstruction like this patient, don’t miss out on the beautiful results that Agoura Dental Group can give you! Dr. Choroomi specializes in Cosmetic Dentistry, while using the latest technology to yield the best results. We also take pride in working with one of the top Dental laboratories in Southern California in addition to using the best quality materials. If you’re looking for the best local dentist at a reasonable cost, Agoura Dental Group is the best option for you! We provide the best dental care with our friendly and experienced staff of Dentists, Hygienists and Orthodontists. Visit┬áto see more smile makeovers and contact us at to schedule your appointment.

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