Deep Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning Agoura Hills CA

Routine dental cleanings play an important role in your smile’s health. Our Agoura Hills deep cleaning expert will use this opportunity to clean away any plaque or tartar buildup that could irritate your gums and increase your risk of tooth decay. Treatment recommendations may also be made during this time. These can help restore function, enhance appearance or reduce the risk of future health problems. In some cases, Teeth Cleaning Agoura Hills CA may recommend a deep cleaning procedure.

A deep cleaning procedure is different from a routine dental cleaning. Deep cleaning is generally recommended when there are signs or symptoms of periodontal disease, which causes the gums to pull away from the teeth. As periodontal pockets grow larger, they allow for greater plaque and tartar buildup beneath the gumline. The pockets can be difficult for you to clean and allow the bacteria and debris to drive even further into the oral cavity. Our expert in Teeth Cleaning Agoura Hills CA can use a deep cleaning to remove this buildup, clean the buildup above and below the gumline and leave your smile healthier than ever.

Deep Teeth Cleaning Agoura Hills CA

If you are a candidate for a deep cleaning procedure, our Agoura Hills deep cleaning expert, will evaluate the health of your gum tissues. A periodontal probe will be used to determine the depths of your gum pockets. When the gum pockets are 4 mm. or larger and bleeding or inflamed, this type of cleaning can help them to heal and recover. Anesthetic can be used to keep you comfortable, and the plaque and tartar will be completely cleaned out of the pockets and from between teeth and anywhere else it has accumulated. The roots of the teeth will be polished and smoothed to help promote healing and reduce the risk of future buildup.

Our expert in deep cleaning in Agoura Hills will provide you with specific aftercare instructions. Keeping your teeth brushed after meals and flossing once a day can help prevent future buildup. It also keeps plaque and bacteria levels under control. We may recommend a special mouthwash in some cases. Contact our Agoura Hills dentist today to find out more or to schedule your consultation.