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  • March, 8, 2019
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Have a missing tooth? Unfortunately, the worst thing isn’t the unsightly gap, it’s the unseen health problems that go along with losing a tooth. When a tooth is lost, your alveolar bone starts shrinking away until it gets down to your basal bone, or jawbone. This will eventually result in the lower third of the face partially collapsing due to lack of support, which can ‘age’ a person. This can seem scary, but it’s easily fixable, either with a dental bridge or implant.
Dental bridges are one popular option to replace a missing tooth. They involve permanently attaching an artificial tooth to the adjacent teeth, which can involve drilling away slightly at the adjacent teeth in order to attach the artificial one. Prices for this procedure vary between dental offices, but dental bridges generally cost less than implants. Dental bridges last about 10 years, and are particularly successful if the adjacent teeth already have crowns.
Dental implants are another popular option to replace a missing tooth. They involve drilling into the gum and inserting a screw with an artificial tooth attached to it. Implants tend to be very successful because they do not affect surrounding teeth. Treatment time is longer for implants, but they last longer. With an implant, you can brush and floss normally, as the implant acts as an independent tooth.
Both options are highly beneficial to both appearance and oral health. Bridges stop other teeth from moving into the gap, which affects your bone structure detrimentally. Implants restore support and stop the shrinking of your alveolar bone and basal bone.
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