Easy and Enjoyable Teeth Whitening *$129 Special*

  • July, 21, 2016
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Have you ever gotten your teeth whitened while sitting in a massage chair AND watching your favorite shows or movies on Netflix? Well, now’s your chance! One of our favorite services at Agoura Dental Group is a convenient 20-minute teeth whitening session that you can enjoy while relaxing in a massage and watching Netflix on our flat screen TV. Has teeth whitening ever sounded so enjoyable? Getting your teeth whitened can do wonders for your smile and confidence. With a brighter, whiter, and bolder smile you can be proud of your teeth. Our teeth whitening treatment will absolutely yield noticeable results that you’ll see right away. We use state of the art advanced technology to ensure that you are getting the best results and a comfortable, convenient whitening experience. You can get all this at just $129 by scheduling your appointment with us at https://agouradental.com/contact-us/ or by calling (818) 706-2727. Don’t miss out on this teeth whitening experience like no other at Agoura Dental Group!