Emergency Front Bridge Smile Makeover

  • January, 31, 2017
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Emergency Dental Services offered at Agoura Dental Group. Front Bridge Smile Makeover

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“This sweet patient arrived at our office with a broken front bridge that needed immediate replacement. Dr. Choroomi not only restored her ability to eat safely by also gave her a new brighter bridge that was worth smiling about.
Dental work needs to be periodically maintained though hygiene appointments and cleanings to prevent breaks and fractures in bridges, crowns and veneers. Luckily this patient was able to be seen IMMEDIATELY, the same day as the bridge was broken.
Here at Agoura Dental, we understand the importance of dental emergencies and we are available 24/7 to help!
In this busy holiday season, good dental health is very important! With all of the sweets and busy days, it is important to be seen ASAP if you feel pain or have an emergency. Allow the caring and talented dentists and staff at Agoura Dental Group help you with all of your dental needs.