Expert Pre and Post Rehab Dentistry Will Give Your Health and Confidence Back

  • August, 28, 2019
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Dental health is often overlooked by many rehabilitation centers. The use of drugs and even alcohol abuse can be detrimental to one’s oral health. At Agoura Dental Group Dr. Choroomi specializes in helping patients en route to recovery. Personal hygiene usually falls by the wayside when addiction is in the picture. Many rehabilitation centers overlook the very important step of fixing patients teeth during their healing process. Your oral health is the gateway to achieving a healthy lifestyle over all. Patients in areas such as Agoura Hills, Oak Park, Westlake, Calabasas, Hidden Hills, Thousand Oaks, and Malibu can rest assured that Dr. Choroomi is available for their smile make over. Listed below are the effects of the most common drugs on a users teeth.

Alcohol abuse has been directly linked to gum disease, tooth decay, mouth sores, and is even the second most common risk factor for oral cancer. Individuals who abuse alcohol tend to have higher plaque levels and are three times more likely to experience permanent tooth loss.

Cocaine, which is a strong stimulant can deplete the body of serious vitamins and essential minerals. Cocaine also tends to keep salivary glands from working properly. Saliva, which is primarily water is necessary to clean teeth and break food down properly. The acidity of cocaine, can mix with saliva and coat the teeth with an acidic solution that breaks down the protective enamel on the teeth. Rubbing cocaine on and over the gums, which causes a numbing sensation, can cause ulceration of the gums and the underlying bone. These mouth sores are painful and can become infected. Spreading the drug on the gums also causes gums to recede.

Methamphetamine may have the worst effect on ones oral health when compared to other drugs. The term “meth mouth” is a term used to refer the visible effects of oral disease in a person who uses methamphetamine because of the horrible tooth decay that often occurs with the drug’s use. People who use methamphetamine may have blackened, stained, broken, or rotting teeth both as a result of side effects of the drug.

Heroin, a common opiate can also be very harmful to users oral health. Heroin increases cravings for sweet foods, a recipe for decay, since the drug also dries out the mouth. Another effect is tooth grinding, which wears down the enamel. Heroin users are also more likely to experience gum disease, oral fungus, oral viral infections and discoloration of the tongue.

Dr. Choroomi of Agoura Dental Group specializes in pre/post rehabilitative dental care for patients that want to regain their confidence and health again. Dr. Choroomi is committed to making patients rehabilitative process as easy as possible therefore has made himself available to patients in areas such as Agoura Hills, Oak Park, Westlake, Calabasas, Hidden Hills, Thousand Oaks, and Malibu during emergency hours 24 hours a day. It would be our pleasure to help your healing process by first healing the gateway to the rest of your body. Call us today to schedule your free consultation for a new smile.