How Yellow Teeth Can be Treated

  • May, 19, 2016
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Yellow teeth are among the most common cosmetic issues, but they also respond to a variety of treatments. The best option for restoring whiteness to a smile can depend on the source and severity of stains involved. Here is a look at home and office treatments for yellow teeth.

Yellow Teeth Treatment at Home

Home treatments for yellow teeth can be divided into oral hygiene practices and store-bought whitening products. Brushing and flossing are both effective at reducing the likelihood of stains, and brushing can actually reduce or eliminate mild existing stains. Brushing can be particularly effective when it is performed with whitening toothpastes, but these products should only be used occasionally as frequent use can cause damage. For heavier stains, patients may benefit from whitening strips, gums or mouth trays. Still, these options can take weeks or months to work.

Office Treatments for Yellow Teeth

Two types of professional treatments can be used for yellow teeth: those that bleach and those that conceal. Professional teeth whitening uses peroxide gel to bleach stains away. Unlike home whitening kits, office whitening delivers greater results in one appointment lasting just an hour. Furthermore, it is safer thanks to customized protective barriers and professional care.

Veneers and crowns are tooth-colored shells that are bonded to teeth and conceal stains. Whereas veneers cover the fronts of teeth, crowns cover teeth on all sides. These options may be preferable for the heaviest stains and stains that originate inside of teeth, such as those resulting from cavities and excessive fluoride exposure. Both veneers and crowns are permanent as well as resistant to stains in the future.

Teeth can become yellow for many reasons, including diet, aging, smoking and heredity. Fortunately, patients have a variety of options for eliminating these flaws from their smile. Patients can schedule a consultation with our tooth whitening dentist in Agoura Hills to learn more about options for treating yellow teeth.