Inlays and Onlays

If your tooth has been damaged due to trauma or decay, you have several options for restoring it. A dental filling will often be used if the area of damage is small or easily repaired. Tooth-colored dental fillings can also be used as a dental bonding material to restore chips and cracks. A severely damaged tooth may require a dental crown. Crowns are tooth-shaped caps of porcelain that fit over the entire visible part of the tooth. However, a third option may also be available. Our dentist in Agoura Hills may recommend inlays or onlays if the tooth damage is too severe for a simple filling but not extensive enough to require a porcelain crown.

Dental Inlays Agoura Hills

Our Agoura Hills inlays expert may recommend a dental inlay if the damage is located within the cusps of your tooth. Large fillings can weaken the structure of the tooth and leave it more prone to cracking or further damage. An inlay, which can also be called an indirect filling, is designed to restore and strengthen your tooth without the extensive preparation required by dental crowns.

Dental Onlays Agoura Hills

As our Agoura Hills onlays expert would be able to tell you, onlays are similar in design to inlays but are made to restore teeth when one or more cusp is missing. Because dental onlays can cover an extensive amount of the tooth structure, they are commonly called partial crowns.

Whether your teeth require inlays or onlays, the process for placing them is fairly similar. Any decayed tissue will be cleaned and removed, and the tooth will be shaped. A dental mold or impression will be taken of the tooth and used to create the new restoration. You will return for a second office visit so that our expert in inlays in Agoura Hills can check the fit and appearance of the new restoration. Because inlays and onlays are commonly made from porcelain or composite resin, it will match the natural appearance of the tooth quite closely.

The restoration will then be bonded securely into place. Final adjustments may be needed to create a comfortable bite. Once the inlay or onlay has been cemented to the tooth, the tooth will be stronger and healthier. Good dental hygiene will reduce the risk of future damage or decay. Contact our expert in onlays in Agoura Hills today to find out more or to schedule your consultation.