Invisalign and Braces

  • May, 24, 2014
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Invisalign has made discreet orthodontic treatment an option for most patients today. Whereas most other types of braces rely on wires and brackets to move teeth, Invisalign uses clear, comfortable aligners for bite correction. Here is more about this treatment as well as its benefits and eligibility restrictions for patients considering this option from our Agoura Hills Invisalign expert.

The transparency of Invisalign aligners is one major reason why patients seek this treatment. Once patients learn about the additional benefits of Invisalign, however, they may be even more likely to pursue it. The aligners, which are made of smooth plastic rather than protruding metal, let patients stay comfortable while their teeth are being straightened. Because patients remove the aligners to eat and brush their teeth, they are also more likely to keep their teeth and gums healthy during treatment. Furthermore, patients can eat the foods they enjoy without any restrictions. This treatment from our expert in Invisalign in Agoura Hills also works more quickly than metal braces and can be ideal for patients who play contact sports or musical instruments.

Invisalign Agoura Hills

Most adults can receive Invisalign Full, and a majority of adolescents can get Invisalign Teen. Unfortunately, Invisalign does not have an option for children at this time. Some bite problems, such as extensive overcrowding or vertical positioning problems, can prevent Invisalign from being an option. In such cases, our Agoura Hills Invisalign expert may recommend another type of orthodontics.

Every patient begins Invisalign treatment with a visit to our dentist to have bite impressions and photographs taken. Once the aligners have been completed at a lab, patients return to receive their first set of aligners. Patients then return regularly to have their progress checked and get their aligners exchanged for new ones.

This treatment from our expert in Invisalign in Agoura Hills can be completed in an average of 15 months, but duration can vary significantly. After treatment, results are maintained with an Invisalign retainer. Patients can schedule a consultation with our cosmetic dentist in Agoura Hills to learn more about Invisalign.