Teeth Whitening

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What is a bright, healthy smile worth to you? It may be impossible to put a price tag on the value of a healthy smile that contributes to better overall health and difficult to explain how good an attractive smile makes you feel. However, both are easily within your reach when you visit our Agoura Hills teeth whitening expert. We offer whitening solutions that fit virtually every budget and every smile need and can even contribute to better dental health.

Research reveals that patients who are happy with their smiles tend to take better care of their teeth. Good dental habits that include brushing after meals, flossing daily, visiting our expert in teeth whitening in Agoura Hills biannually and avoiding unhealthy habits contribute to your smile’s health and your better overall health. That is why we are committed to helping you achieve your best smile and offer teeth whitening solutions to meet a variety of needs.

Teeth Whitening Agoura Hills

Teeth whitening can be performed in our office or in the privacy of your own home. Our Agoura Hills teeth whitening expert will begin by evaluating your smile for any undiagnosed dental issues that could interfere with your whitening results. We may make specific recommendations to help you achieve a whiter smile. In-office whitening offers a fast, highly effective solution that can leave your teeth nearly 10 shades whiter. At-home whitening provides more subtle whitening results that appear gradually over the course of treatments. Both types of whitening can be helpful for wine, coffee, nicotine, soft drinks, energy drinks and other common stains. Porcelain veneers may be necessary to achieve the desired whitening results for some patients.

Once your whitening procedure is finished, you can keep your teeth looking and feeling beautiful and healthy by maintaining good dental hygiene. Touch-ups may be necessary if you regularly consume stain-causing foods or beverages, but you can also reduce your risk of staining by using straws and rinsing with water. Our expert in teeth whitening in Agoura Hills may make other recommendations that can help you keep your smile at its best.

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