Orthodontic Care at Agoura Dental

  • February, 21, 2019
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Here at Agoura Dental Group we specialize in orthodontic care. Braces can provide a variety of different treatment to help your smile feel straighter and stronger. With braces being one of the most common treatments used to straighten teeth, we take the time to assure that you are getting the perfect fit for your mouth. This treatment could take between just a few months to years to completely transform your smile, but it is well worth it has it offers a number of health benefits to your teeth. Overbites and under bites as well as crooked teeth can cause discomfort and bad digestion. With the help of our amazing Orthodontist you could be on your way to a comfortable & healthy smile.

Where should you start when looking at getting braces? There are a variety of different kinds of braces you could have. Choosing the correct one could lead to a faster straighter smile and a more comfortable process. At Agoura Dental Group we offer several kinds of braces. Metal Braces, Ceramic Braces, and Invisalign are some of the ones you can choose from.

Metal Braces:

These are most commonly seen with children and young teenagers. Depending on how active you are metal braces might be for you. Out of all the options metal braces are the most durable, and can be perfect for someone with an active or sports engaged life. And if you have a more severe case that could result in more corrections, metal braces might be recommended as they can apply more pressure.

Ceramic Braces:

If you are looking for a more unnoticeable look then research into Ceramic Braces might be the way to go. The colors of these braces are designed to look like the color of your teeth allowing the braces to blend in perfectly with your teeth. Ceramic braces call for smaller movements at each checkup, some say that it is less painful then metal braces.


While metal and ceramic braces are used more for structural purposes, Invisalign is used for cosmetic purposes. Create and outstanding beautiful smile that is appealing both before and after you’re wearing the mouth guard.

If you live in the Agoura Hills, Oak Park, Westlake Village, Malibu or Calabasas area and are interested in getting your dream smile, contact us at Agoura Dental Group to set up your complimentary consultation with our Amazing Orthodontist.

Creating Healthy Smiles One Patient At A Time

  • December, 7, 2018
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Dental Agoura Hills CA: Creating Healthy Smiles One Patient At A Time


Your smile is important. It’s a window into your personality, and it shows the world who you are. That’s something special. At Dental Agoura Hills CA, we understand that every patient is an individual, with unique concerns and goals. We treat each of our patients like a person, not a number. We want to make you smile!


Be Your Best with Dentist Agoura Hills CA

Dental care is not only about maintaining healthy teeth and gums. It’s also about maintaining a healthy outlook and feeling good about your appearance. A beautiful smile goes a long way toward helping you present your best self to the world. Dentist Agoura Hills CA offers a range of modern dental services to help your smile dazzle!


What we offer:


















Of course, not all of these treatments will be right for you. Dental Agoura isn’t CA isn’t interested in pushing high-priced, unnecessary procedures. Instead, we listen to our patients individual needs and tailor our care specifically to those needs.


Emergency or Elective, Dental Agoura Hills Can Help

If you require emergency dental care, it can be hard to know where to turn or who to trust, but don’t worry, Dental Agoura Hills CA can help. We have a dedicated staff that includes experts in emergency dental care. Our offices offer 24/7 access so you can be assured you will receive immediate attention if an emergency does arise.


As concerning as needing emergency dental care can be, we understand that elective dental care can be just as daunting. Choosing to make a positive change for yourself with cosmetic dentistry is often a life-altering decision that isn’t made lightly. We want you to feel confident in your choice and facilitate your progression through this exciting time. Providing you with the best possible experience is what we strive for every day.


If you are considering cosmetic dentistry, check out our Smile Makeovers. These are not one-size-fits-all solutions. You are your own person, and we want to give you the unique smile you deserve. We’ll work with you to create a balanced, beautiful smile that’s just right for you!


Dentist Agoura Hills CA Are Teeth Whitening Experts

Sometimes, the path to creating a better, healthier-looking smile is an easy one. You may already have beautiful teeth, but still feel they could use a little extra pizazz. That’s where we come in. We offer affordable, convenient teeth whitening treatments that will get your smile sparkling! Oh, and did we mention the massage chair? After all, why get your teeth whitened when you can get your teeth whitened — with style!


Where Will Your Journey Lead?

Studies show that people who feel happy with their smiles generally take better care of their teeth, and Dental Agoura Hills CA wants to help you develop healthy dental habits. Daily use of dental floss, brushing after meals and engaging in a teeth whitening regimen are all steps on the road to a happier, healthier you. Couple them with regular visits to our offices, and you’ll have a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime. Visit https://agouradental.com or call us today to start your journey to a healthy, radiant smile.

Why You Should Schedule Your Next Dental Visit With Dental Agoura Hills CA

  • October, 25, 2018
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If you’re in Agoura Hills or the surrounding areas, and you’re in need of dental work, you’re encouraged to visit Dental Agoura Hills CA, a dental practice that offers a gamut of services, ranging from general to cosmetic dentistry. According to their website, Agoura Dental Group proudly offers complimentary exams and prides themselves on a patient-centric approach that has made them one of San Fernando Valley’s most sought-after dental practices. For the last 10 years, they have gained a reputation for providing best-in-class general and cosmetic dentistry to their patients. This commitment to exceeding patient/customer expectation has rewarded them handsomely with loyal customers/patients who have spoken highly of not only the facility but also its chief dentist, Dr. Aaron Choroomi.

Dr. Aaron Choroomi And Dental Agoura Hills CA

As chief dentist at Agoura Dental Group, Dr. Choroomi is well-versed in nearly all aspects of dentistry. He attended University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry where he earned his DDS, before going on to establish Agoura Dental Group in 2007. The dental practice has locations throughout varying cities in California including Calabasas, Westlake Village, Malibu, and Thousand Oaks. All of which is in addition to the original office located in Agoura Hills.

Although he is a general dentist, Dr. Choroomi is especially proficient in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry and strives to provide his patients with a beautiful, healthy smile. Dr. Choroomi has been praised for his attention to detail as well as his bedside manner. In fact, these very characteristics have contributed to him being named one of San Fernando Valley’s most accomplished and highly regarded practitioners.

Amalgam Removal and Orthodontic Services

In addition to the services already detailed in this article, Agoura Dental Group offers amalgam removal, which are the silver-colored fillings that contain mercury used to fill cavities. Dentist Agoura Hills CA is also one of few cosmetic and general dental offices that also provide orthodontic services. According to their website, Agoura Dental Group offers traditional and Invisalign braces with discounts of $500 and $750 respectively. Lastly, Dental Agoura Hills CA has some of the best hygienist and dental assistants available to ensure that patients receive the best care possible.


Well Appointed Waiting Areas At Dental Agoura Hills CA

As patients wait to be seen by the dentist, they are offered a variety of beverages and snacks. Dr. Aaron Choroomi and his staff at Agoura Dental group are 100% committed to customer satisfaction, which is made abundantly clear from the moment patients walk into the facility and are greeted by a friendly and caring staff. Whether you have a dental emergency or need to schedule a routine cleaning, you’re encouraged to schedule an appointment with Agoura Dental Group. Needless to say, you will be in good hands. If you’re not in the Agoura Hills area, there are multiple locations throughout the San Fernando Valley area. For more information visit agouradental.com.