What To Expect During A Root Canal Treatment?

  • November, 21, 2017
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Dentists Camarillo CA

When you visit different Dentists Hidden Hills CA and all of them suggest a root canal treatment, you might be interested in learning about this treatment.

When Is Root Canal Treatment Suggested?

Dentists Camarillo CA generally suggests this treatment for their patients for repairing and for saving a badly infected or damaged tooth. So, your dentist would have suggested you this treatment for any of these reasons.

What Does The Procedure Involve?

During the root canal treatment, dentists Tarzana CA will get rid of the damaged area of the tooth called as the pulp. Your dentist will clean the damaged area and will disinfect it. Then, he/she will fill it and will seal it.

How Is The Pulp Affected?

The common causes of the infection in the pulp are trauma, repeated dental treatment to the tooth, a deep cavity or a cracked tooth. The term root canal is given to this treatment because it involves cleaning of the canals present inside the root of the tooth.

What to Expect During a Root Canal Treatment?

Dentists West Hills CA would have suggested this treatment to you only after an X-ray. So, X-ray is generally the first step in the process before the treatment actually begins. The X-ray would have helped the dentist in identifying the exact location of the decay. When you visit for the treatment, again an X-ray might be taken to mark the area the dentist should attend. Then, the following processes follows:

  • Anesthesia: After an X-ray, the dentists Calabasas CA will generally begin with administering an anesthesia to the affected tooth. You need not have to fear about pain as the root canal is no more painful as compared to a filling.
  • Pulpectomy: This is the step, where an opening is made by the dentist for removing the pulp from the root of the diseased tooth.
  • Filling: Once the pulp is removed, the canals will be filled using gutta-percha. This is nothing, but a special material that can seal the canals and can safeguard the tooth from bacteria.
  • Shaping of tooth: Now, the dentist will shape the tooth. Once this is done, it will be ready for the final restoration.
  • Final tooth restoration: Even though some tooth can be restored with the help of a dental filling, most will need porcelain crown for the best protection. It will help with restoring the size, function and also the shape of the natural tooth.
How Many Appointments Are Needed For Root Canal Treatment?

Dentists Malibu CA generally suggests that root canal treatment will need a couple of appointments.

When Is Root Canal Treatment Effective?

Dentists Thousand Oak CA is of the opinion that root canal treatment is the excellent choice for patients, who look for an excellent alternative to tooth extraction. This is a blessing of modern dentistry to prevent extraction of the natural tooth.

Professional dentists Agoura Hills CA can offer you the best root canal treatment if you live in this part of California.

Use It or Lose It – Dental Benefits Expire 12/31/2017

  • November, 17, 2017
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Your dental benefits are expiring at Midnight on December 31, 2017. Use your Dental Benefits to maintain your oral heath and reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

We here at Agoura Dental Group are committed to maintaining your dental health and your overall well-being. Allow us to help you maximize your insurance benefits before they expire.

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We look forward to seeing you and helping you ring in 2018 with a clean and dazzling smile!


Reyes Adobe Days October 12-15, 2017

  • October, 11, 2017
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Agoura Dental Group is the proud Title Sponsor of the 2017 Reyes Adobe Days. We have been sponsors of this wonderful community celebration for the past 5 years.

The City of Agoura Hills announced that Agoura Dental Group is Title Sponsor for the 13th Annual Reyes Adobe Days.  “Agoura Dental Group has grown with Agoura Hills, and we are proud to give back to support our community that has trusted in our services for the past decade,” said Dr. Amir Choroomi, DDS, who grew up in Agoura Hills and continues to call it home, now raising his own family here. He began Agoura Dental Group ten years ago and last year the dental group expanded into a new modern facility, providing a full range of services for all ages, from cleanings to cosmetic density, recently receiving awards for cosmetic dentistry from the University of the Pacific.


Agoura Dental Group has a reputation of charitable community support since opening its doors in 2007. Dr. Choroomi offered treatment and emergency services to families who couldn’t afford dental care during the recession and continues to provide low cost and affordable plans to those without insurance. At RAD, Agoura Hills Dental will have fun and educational games for families as well as festival promotions for Braces  and Invisalign each day, along with other gift certificates and giveaways.


“Agoura Dental Group is an enthusiastic partner helping to host Reyes Adobe Days, and its support will help bring great entertainment and many activities to the event this year,” said Agoura Hills Recreation Supervisor Nick Newkirk. Reyes Adobe Days is being held on October 12 – 15, 2017 and offers the public a variety of free cultural and recreational activities throughout the weekend.

Come join us for the Reyes Adobe Days Parade held on Saturday, October 14th and stop by our booth for your Complimentary Toothbrush Kit.



Things to Consider When Hiring Dentists Agoura Hills

  • October, 5, 2017
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Top Things to Consider When Hiring Dentists Agoura Hills CA If you wish to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile, you should take effective care of your oral health. If you are in Agoura Hills, the important part of your dental care is to visit dentists in Agoura Hill

Dazzling Smile Makeover

  • September, 28, 2017
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Summer Cosmetic Makeover Special *$750 OFF 4 VENEERS*

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Veneers are a terrific choice to repair discolored teeth, conceal aesthetic issues, and repair broken or damaged teeth. Veneers can also address spacing issues in your smile. At Agoura Dental Group, we create smiles. We’ve had patients get complete smile makeovers with crooked, chipped, broken, worn-out, missing, stained, gummy teeth and even with gaps between teeth. It doesn’t matter what problems our patients have, we can create a beautiful smile makeover for them. If you’ve thought about a smile makeover, we’d love to do it for you.

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