Why You Should Schedule Your Next Dental Visit With Dental Agoura Hills CA

  • October, 25, 2018
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If you’re in Agoura Hills or the surrounding areas, and you’re in need of dental work, you’re encouraged to visit Dental Agoura Hills CA, a dental practice that offers a gamut of services, ranging from general to cosmetic dentistry. According to their website, Agoura Dental Group proudly offers complimentary exams and prides themselves on a patient-centric approach that has made them one of San Fernando Valley’s most sought-after dental practices. For the last 10 years, they have gained a reputation for providing best-in-class general and cosmetic dentistry to their patients. This commitment to exceeding patient/customer expectation has rewarded them handsomely with loyal customers/patients who have spoken highly of not only the facility but also its chief dentist, Dr. Aaron Choroomi.

Dr. Aaron Choroomi And Dental Agoura Hills CA

As chief dentist at Agoura Dental Group, Dr. Choroomi is well-versed in nearly all aspects of dentistry. He attended University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry where he earned his DDS, before going on to establish Agoura Dental Group in 2007. The dental practice has locations throughout varying cities in California including Calabasas, Westlake Village, Malibu, and Thousand Oaks. All of which is in addition to the original office located in Agoura Hills.

Although he is a general dentist, Dr. Choroomi is especially proficient in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry and strives to provide his patients with a beautiful, healthy smile. Dr. Choroomi has been praised for his attention to detail as well as his bedside manner. In fact, these very characteristics have contributed to him being named one of San Fernando Valley’s most accomplished and highly regarded practitioners.

Amalgam Removal and Orthodontic Services

In addition to the services already detailed in this article, Agoura Dental Group offers amalgam removal, which are the silver-colored fillings that contain mercury used to fill cavities. Dentist Agoura Hills CA is also one of few cosmetic and general dental offices that also provide orthodontic services. According to their website, Agoura Dental Group offers traditional and Invisalign braces with discounts of $500 and $750 respectively. Lastly, Dental Agoura Hills CA has some of the best hygienist and dental assistants available to ensure that patients receive the best care possible.


Well Appointed Waiting Areas At Dental Agoura Hills CA

As patients wait to be seen by the dentist, they are offered a variety of beverages and snacks. Dr. Aaron Choroomi and his staff at Agoura Dental group are 100% committed to customer satisfaction, which is made abundantly clear from the moment patients walk into the facility and are greeted by a friendly and caring staff. Whether you have a dental emergency or need to schedule a routine cleaning, you’re encouraged to schedule an appointment with Agoura Dental Group. Needless to say, you will be in good hands. If you’re not in the Agoura Hills area, there are multiple locations throughout the San Fernando Valley area. For more information visit agouradental.com.

Cosmetic Smile Make Over by Dr. Choroomi in Agoura Hills, CA

  • March, 16, 2018
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Transformation Thursday and what a stunning smile make over it has been for our patient!  With his years of experience and eye for perfection, Dr. Choroomi was able to give this patient the smile of their dreams.  Dr. Choroomi has a passion for what he does and the results show it!

The patient came in for a complimentary Smile Make Over consultation and decided to start their dental smile here at Agoura Dental Group. Dr. Choroomi was able to put together a dental treatment plan that addressed all of the patient concerns and desires for a complete smile make over: color, shape, size, shade, texture.

The impressions were sent to a dental lab in Southern California that is known for their eye for detail and impeccable craftsmanship. The veneers were all handcrafted from the highest quality materials available and tailor made to Dr. Choroomi’s specific instructions.

The final results speak volumes and are a testament to Dr. Choroomi’s talent and skill. The level of detail on the veneers is incredible which is evident in the translucency of the tooth.  The patient has a stunning dazzling smile, feels more youthful and their confidence is restored!

Who would have thought that a complimentary consultation would be life changing?

To receive your own Smile Makeover, please give our office a call at (818)735-3800. Your new smile is a phone call away.


Patients love their Dentist in Agoura Hills, CA

  • February, 27, 2018
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We love being spoiled with beautiful flowers from our wonderful patients! These lovely blooms remind us that spring is almost here… which means its time for Spring Cleaning! Don’t forget about your smile as you get ready for spring. Call us today to schedule a spring cleaning for your teeth!   


Smiles at Dentist in Agoura Hills

  • February, 8, 2018
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We love to make you smile at Agoura Dental Group! It’s February and love is in the air. What other way to show yourself some love by giving your smile some TLC? Whether it is coming to Agoura Dental Group for your semi-annual check up or scheduling your Smileography Smile Makeover,  we can help you achieve the smile of your dreams.  Before embarking on a complete smile make-over journey, many patients enjoy sitting down with Dr. Choroomi and digitally trying on their new smile before any dental work even begins. Smileography allows patients to see how their new smiles would look and make cosmetic adjustments before the impressions are sent out to the lab. Whether it is a dazzling white Hollywood megawatt smile or a confident bright smile that you are desiring, you are in control of the shade, shape and size of your new smile. With many years of experience and many dazzling Smile Makeovers, you are in expert hands with Dr. Choroomi.

Stop by our office and relax in our massage chair as you look through Dr. Choroomi’s portfolio of remarkable Smile-Makeovers.  We look forward to your visit.


Enamel Health

  • January, 16, 2018
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Oranges have essential vitamin contents, antioxidants, protein, water percentage, and fiber. These are necessary minerals that help in keep the nutrients in your body balanced. With flu season being in full swing, it is important to drink lots of orange juice. However, it is important to protect your oral health as well.

Here are a couple tips to keep your enamel healthy:
♥ Never EVER suck on lemons or limes! This is a surefire way to soften the enamel on your teeth.
♥ Use a straw when drinking fruit juices (Good tip when drinking coffee and tea: a straw keeps the stains away!)
♥ Rinse your mouth with water after eating fruit to dilute the acids in your mouth. Do not brush for at  least 30 minutes. This gives time for your enamel to resettle.
♥ Keep your enamel strong by brushing with fluoridated toothpaste and don’t forget to ask for a fluoride treatment at your next dental cleaning appointment.

What Is Dental Erosion?

As hard and tough as tooth enamel is, highly acidic fruits,  fruit juices, carbonated beverages and even reflux cause the break down of enamel and prohibit the remineralization process. Once this breakdown begins to occur, your teeth become more susceptible to discoloration, sensitivity (to cold and hot temperatures, sweet foods etc) which eventually leads to decay. Decay leads to cavities and dental problems.  According to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), the calcium in saliva can help strengthen enamel, but when the environment in your mouth is too acidic, remineralization of your enamel will not occur.

The Importance of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a key player in your overall health and well being. It helps repair, strengthen and maintain many of your tissue structures. This includes your bones, cartilage and teeth. In fact, according to The Journal of the American Dental Association, Vitamin C deficiency is a leading cause of periodontal disease.

Your body is unable to create Vitamin C by itself,  so you need to get your daily requirement by taking eating foods that are rich in Vitamin C and avoiding foods that inhibit the metabolism of Vitamin C. The highest levels of Vitamin C are found in those wonderful yet highly acidic fruits: oranges and lemons. Therefore, taking precautions to keep most acidic fruits from hurting your teeth is important.

Next time you are enjoying that delicious orange, just remember to rinse your mouth with water.


Treatment Thursday

  • January, 11, 2018
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There is a saying in the dental field: “Dentistry is not expensive, however neglect is!” By scheduling your semi-annual exam and cleaning, you are paying attention to your oral health and ensuring your overall well being. During your dental visit, we will take x-rays and create a custom treatment plan designed specifically to your needs.

It is never too late to start taking better care of your teeth. Take advantage of Treatment Thursday by calling Agoura Dental Group at (818)735-3800 and scheduling your visit. We look forward to hearing from you.